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Our vision is to provide dedicated early education services to children and be a top-tier institution that produce scholars with great potentials capable of creating disruptive innovations.

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Tender Scholars Castle was established in October, 2019.

At Tender Scholars Castle, we strive to offer a well-rounded and enriching experiential educational experience that prepares students for success in academic pursuits and beyond.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers are passionate about education and committed to nurturing the academic and personal growth of each pupil.

We believe in raising well-rounded pupils. Our school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, science, entrepreurship, clubs, and Spelling. These opportunities foster teamwork, leadership skills, and personal development.

We are informed about the immense importance of Technology. Hence, we give our scholars the right exposure to it.

In summary, our school offers a comprehensive education that combines academic excellence, Spiritual uprightness, nurturing guidance, extracurricular opportunities, and technological integration. We aim to inspire our students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and responsible global citizens.

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Mrs Saka O.M
Mrs Saka O.M
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Our Mission

To develop morally upright, confident and responsible young muslims who aspire to achieve their full potential through our rich curriculum and enabling environment.

Why Choose Us

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Up-to-date technology fields, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, allowing students to develop digital literacy, research skills and proficiency in utilizing technology for numerous purposes.

Updated Montessorri Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, empowering students to become lifelong learners.

Excellent Language Proficiency

Language is an integral part of a child's life. We strive to make pupils excellent in 4 languages, English, Arabic, Yoruba and French..

Sound Islamic & Western Education

We believe in raising pupils with the pristine Islamic knowledge and etiquette. We offer Qur'an Memorization and Seerah.

Moral Uprightness

We believe in raising well-rounded pupils. Our wholistic approach in building our students fosters character, teamwork, leadership skills, and personal development.

Teaching Skills & Methods

Our teachers employ innovative teaching methods and personalized instruction to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities.

Our Schools

Welcome to our Creche Section!

At Tender ScholarsCastle, we understand that early childhood is a crucial stage of development, where children learn and grow at an incredible pace. Our creche program provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for infants and toddlers, setting a solid foundation for their future education.

Our highly trained and caring staff members are dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your little ones. We prioritize the individual needs and interests of each child, fostering their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development through age-appropriate activities and play.

At Tender Scholars Castle, we understand the importance of providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for our youngest learners during the sensitive period.
Our Preschool ( Reception through nursery) section is designed to offer a great start for your scholar's educational journey, setting a strong pedestal for their future endeavours. Here, your scholar will embark on a delightful adventure filled with learning, play, and discovery.

At the Pre- Nursery and Nursery section of Tender Scholars Castle, we believe in fostering a holistic approach to early childhood education. We prioritize each scholar's individual needs, interests, and learning styles. We understand that every child is unique and has their own pace of development. Hence, they own their learning. Through a blend of structured activities and free play, we encourage children to explore, create, and develop essential skills in a safe and caring environment.

Our curriculum supports the holistic development of each scholar. We follow an age-appropriate program that focuses on key areas of development; Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor.

We are aware of the importance of Technology, so we expose our scholars to it early, engaging them in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
Through hands-on activities, storytelling, outdoor learning, our scholars are motivated to develop their curiosity, problem-solving abilities, and a love for learning.
Language is an integral part of an individual. Hence, we guide our scholars to be well grounded in English, Arabic, Yoruba and French, giving them a competitive edge locally and internationally.

Meet Our Team

One book, one pen, one child and one teacher will change the world.

Barnaby Uzansky

Senior Professor

Caroline Kennedy

Assistant Professor

Benjamin Smith


Penny Adder


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