As parents we try to fulfil all the needs of our children and provide them the best of food, clothing and shelter. To give them the best education, so that they may become ‘successful’ individuals, we admit them to the ‘best’ of the schools. Will our children be successful in the Duniya (present world) and the Akhirah (Life after Death) by attending these ‘best’ schools?

We have to admit that many things taught in these schools will neither benefit us in this life nor in the hereafter but in fact may harm the ‘iman’ and ‘aqeedah’ of our innocent children. For example – Darwin’s theory of Evolution – this goes against the verses of the Qur’an which are crystal clear that the whole of humankind is a progeny of Adam عليه السلام and has not evolved from apes. Here are some reasons why you should enroll. your children in Islamic Schools.

  • The children spend almost 7-8 hours of their time in school, and they come home very tired from school. After completing their homework, then there is very little time left for parents to impart Islamic education. We are accountable for every moment spent on this planet. It is important for us to ensure that our children’s time is utilized in the most optimum way.
  • Environment plays an important role in the upbringing of children. Today the winds of very obscene and vulgar culture have swept over the entire globe. Obscenity is increasing day by day. If we send our children to an un islamic environment where their friends discuss boyfriends and movies, it is possible that in spite of our best efforts at home, our children may get affected by these wrong influences right in front of our very eyes. It is like pushing our children into a muddy puddle and still wishing that they don’t get dirty.
  • In some schools they are exposed to the pressures of Western culture, bullying and communal hatred. Some teachers in these schools have no respect for Islamic faith and culture. They mis-educate and de-educate Muslim children making them misfit not only for the Muslim community but also for the society. Imagine a scenario where we have been invited for a gathering in which we don’t fit! Would we like to go to such gatherings? We adults would not like to be in an environment which is un islamic, even though we are able to defend our faith. But we put our children in such an environment, not just for hours or days, but for months and years.
  • The children have the freedom of practicing Islamic rituals. You’ve definitely heard of Muslim children being teased by other children, and making fun of them for being a Muslim, for being different. Such actions will have a negative influence on our children which might lead to psychological and emotional problems, because fitting in will not be an easy thing. We want our kids to have freedom in practicing what they believe in, in the most comfortable manner. Therefore, sending them to Islamic schools where they can comfortably pray, put on the hijab, or read the Qur’an is suitable.
  • One of the valuable reasons of Islamic schools is that your children get exposed to Islamic knowledge. They get to learn more about their religion and its values. They get to learn Hadith, Dua’a, and Quran recitation and explanation. By naturally forcing them to learn about their religion in school, will save you from the stress of finding a private teacher to do so at an extra time and effort.
  • There are teachers that you can entrust with your child. At a young age, teachers serve as role models in their lives. We don’t only learn from teachers, but we tend to copy what they do, and listen to their instructions in most cases, because we perceive them to be our guidance. Therefore, putting your child 7-8 hours with a teacher whom you can trust to give the right guidance is a peace of mind. A teacher with good intentions and Islamic spirit can have a positive influence on your child’s behaviors and morals.


We need to enroll our children in Islamic Schools. It’s time the Muslim community seriously thought about this very crucial problem that is plaguing our children.

We need Islamic Schools for proper growth and development of our children. It is our duty to provide our children an environment where they are surrounded with positive influences – Islamic influences. If we profess to be Muslims, we have to obey Allah ’s command and we have to do all we can to save our children from the Fire.

A good Islamic school can provide that healthy environment for a child to grow up as an intellectually and spiritually healthy Muslim.

The main benefit of an Islamic school, is fulfilled especially when it can provide a strong Islamic education.

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